The lean secret to crafting irresistible products

Available June 25

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Build to Sell book cover

About the authors

This book has been 10 years in the making and is the brainchild of Sandrine Olivencia. It represents 30 years of her career condensed into a 400-page book, the first in a series.

Sandrine has been an executive coach for 15 years. She specializes in applying lean thinking to help startups and scale-ups grow rapidly yet respectfully. She co-authored The Lean Sensei with Michael Ballé (author of The Lean Strategy), a book on working with and developing into a lean sensei, which earned a Shingo Prize.

Flavian and Caroline have worked in tech startups on leadership roles in product and engineering. Sandrine asked them to join to bring their experience and anecdotes.

The three authors have partnered and built the company Taktique.